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Royal Family ‘terribly upset’ over this ‘The Crown’ episode: ‘It’s vile’

‘The Crown’ blasted for ‘ignoring the truth over drama’ by close friend of royal family

By Web Desk
November 20, 2023

The Crown premiered the first part of its sixth and final season on Netflix and it is already receiving heat for its portrayal of many incidents in the royal family.

A friend and historian of the royal family, Hugo Vickers told Page Six that the late Queen Elizabeth was “briefed” on the series by courtiers, while Prince Philip was left “terribly upset” by an episode that suggested he was partly to blame for the death of his sister Cecile in a plane crash.

“You cannot escape that they are picking away at the souls of real people. It’s vile,” Vickers said.

“This queen looks so boring [and] nothing like her at all. The queen always managed to keep her twinkle in her eye and keep her sense of humour even in the most difficult of times — she was not slumped like this woman on TV.”

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He continued, “Imelda Staunton just looks like a bored housewife, a real crosspatch, and so unlike the real queen.”

Moreover, the show has also been criticised for the portrayal of some of the royal family members, as experts claim that the show has a dislike for the late Queen Elizabeth.

Sara Nathan, Editor At Large, New York Post, criticised creator, Peter Morgan, if he “likes the late Queen at all?” She described that Morgan has painted her as a woman stymied by her pact with God and duty to her country, and emotionally unavailable even to those closest to her.