Monday December 04, 2023

Prince William 'unfazed' by new attacks at Royal Family: 'Tired of this game'

The husband of Kate Middleton stepped out for his first solo engagements since recent slew of attacks

November 19, 2023

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Prince William was intent on coming off as cool and unbothered as he carried out his first royal engagement since Omid Scobie’s explosive claims in his upcoming book.

In several excerpts released online, the royal author detailed the final hours of the Queen’s death in Endgame, revealing that the Prince of Wales refused to take Prince Harry’s call to inform him.

He also maintained his aloof persona toward his youngest brother throughout the funeral processions last year, as per the biographer.

Earlier this week, the future King stepped out solo in Manchester to discuss measures to control youth violence.

Speaking to the Mirror, body language expert Judi James explained that the father of Prince George didn’t let his body language give away strong response to the book’s claims.

If anything, James shared, “It's more like a hint of mild exasperation than any appearance of being genuinely rattled.”

"All the Firm should be tired of this game by now but although every missile is missing its mark the overall effect must be wearying. Despite this though or perhaps because of it, William looks even more determined than usual to throw himself into his causes and to immerse himself with the people he meets,” she continued.

As his facial expressions switched from regret to concern while interacting with people, the expert explained it “could also be prompted by the latest swipes in the new book.”

However, she noted, “There’s no anxiety or nervousness in this response, just a suggestion that he might, at worst, be 'disappointed'."