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Dwayne Johnson details ways of combating ‘daily noise’

Dwayne Johnson tells fans how to cancel ‘daily noise, toxicity'

By Web Desk
September 27, 2023

Dwayne Johnson is keeping his fans spirit high by telling them multiple ways to cancel out or block the external “daily noises” or “voices” with in.

The Fast X actor, on Wednesday reflects on how you can feel “respectful” in a selfie video he posted on Instagram.

The San Andreas star began his caption by noting, “To block out all the daily noise, I do my best to listen to my inner voice.” He basically quoted his formulas to cherish oneself.

“The voice that’s behind our rib cage - our gut and instinct that always speaks the truth to us,” the Jungle Cruise star noted.

He then spilled in the video in four steps on how can someone minimize the toxicity in their surroundings. “Block out the noise ~ listen to your voice. You being real, authentic & RESPECTFUL can sometimes be very uncomfortable for people and that’s ok - because it encourages dialogue and forces people to respectfully listen to each other instead of being so quick to judge.”

“Block out the toxic bullshit. Listen to your voice. Hold your space. Be authentic. That’s your super power,” the Hercules star then advised his followers.

He concluded his post by showing gratitude towards fans for asking him such questions that can help them nurture. “Thanks as always for your questions,” adding, “Back to work (procrastinating).”