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Comedian Nish Kumar addresses Russell Brand’s sexual assault scandal

Russell Brand accused of abusive and predatory behaviour by women per Dispatches documentary

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September 22, 2023
Comedian Nish Kumar addresses Russell Brand’s sexual assault scandal
Comedian Nish Kumar addresses Russell Brand’s sexual assault scandal

Nish Kumar has recently addressed Russell Brand’s sexual assault allegations, saying Russell was already considered notorious in comedy circle.

Speaking on his shared podcast Pod Save The UK, Nish discussed about Russell’s alleged sexual assault incidents that were not featured in Channel 4 Dispatches documentary last Friday. He reckoned that there might be more allegations to come in the future.

Nish revealed that Russell’s work already dried up and therefore “nobody wanted to work with him” among the comedian fraternity.

“It was discussed by multiple comedians in Edinburgh Fringe shows the following year in 2018. It was that well known,” said Nish while referring to his assault claims.

Nish stated, “To be completely honest with you, the story that I had heard was relating to a sexual assault, it was not covered in the [Dispatches] documentary.”

“Those weren't stories that I'd actually heard about,” remarked Nish.

The Late Night Mash host continued, “So, it is possible that there's more allegations to come.”

He added, “I think if you look at Russell Brand's IMDB page, you see that his television work in Britain starts to dry up around 2018, 2019. And that's simply because increasingly people were just not willing to work with him.”

Nish is not the first comedian to speak against Russell, Katherine Ryan had earlier accused Russell of being “a sex predator while they appeared as judges on Comedy Central's Roast Battle in 2018”.

For the unversed, Russell had been charged of abusive and predatory behaviour, including rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse, between 2006 and 2013 by several women.

Nish added, “There are still people working in comedy who are the subject of open secrets. And there are still people working comedy who people will say, 'Oh, we don't send young women into their dressing rooms.”