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Kate Middleton remains loyal to Prince William after getting flirted on

Kate Middleton smartly dodged flirtation attempts while out in her latest public appearance

By Web Desk
September 20, 2023

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Kate Middleton smartly turned down what was seen to be attempts of flirting directed her way.

Reading the Duchess of Cambridge’s body language during her appearance to a Royal Navy air base, expert Darren Stanton noted that even though Kate did not come from royalty she displayed behaviour which indicated that she 'stepped up' and was more 'understanding'.

He noted that the royal appeared to be very popular among the men as some of them notably gave away 'flirtatious signals', however, the Duchess of Cambridge paid no mind to it as she proved her loyalty to her husband Prince William.

Sharing his revelations to Betfair Bingo he said: "Kate tried on the lifejacket, and she looked like she was really enjoying herself."

"She was showing lots of genuine laughter, and they seemed to be loving spending time with her. Some of the guys gave a few flirtatious signals here and there."

"Kate didn't respond - she was polite and friendly but respectful of William. We saw her really letting go. She looked relaxed as her shoulders were down, and had lots of natural interaction with the staff."