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'The Flash' filmmaker shares blunt view on movie's CGI

DC fans are unhappy with 'The Flash' 'bad' CGI

By Web Desk
June 17, 2023
DC fans are unhappy with The Flash bad CGI
DC fans are unhappy with 'The Flash' 'bad' CGI

The Flash is under fire for facing a barrage of criticism on the film's 'terrible' CGI, leading the director Andy Muschietti to take on the complaints head-on.

Speaking to i09, the filmmaker defended the "weird" CGI calling them intentional.

"We are in the perspective of the Flash. Everything is distorted in terms of lights and textures. We enter this 'waterworld', which is basically being in Barry's POV [point of view].

It was part of the design, so if it looks a little weird to you, that was intended."

However, fans are adopting an unforgiving stance against the director's claim, calling it an "excuse".

Earlier, Tom Cruise gave his thumbs-up to The Flash as director Muschietti and producer Barbara Muschietti revealed the megastar response to the DC superhero film.

"It's a very cynical industry, and to hear people that really have no skin in the game, because they have nothing to gain, just say something that lovely – in the case of Tom Cruise, he called us, talked for 15 minutes, praising Andy, praising the film, and it just feels very good because we really work very hard to make these movies," Barbara shared.