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Shakira and Lewis Hamilton passing 'getting to know you' stage in romance

Shakira and Lewis Hamilton spending time together in fun romance

By Web Desk
June 10, 2023
Shakira and Lewis Hamilton passing getting to know you stage in romance

Shakira is painting the town red with Lewis Hamilton.

The songstress is spending time together with her new beau and is taking her romance one step ahead.

Speaking about her new boyfriend, a source close to the singer tells People how fun is she having with the F1 racer.

“They’re spending time together and in the ‘getting to know you’ stage,” a source close to both parties said.

“It’s fun and flirty," they added.

This comes almost a year after Shakira parted ways with her partner Gerard Pique.

Speaking to the magazine Elle, the singer admitted that she was forced to "sacrifice" her career and life for Pique and her their children.

Opening up on the "darkest time" of her life, Shakira said some of the details of the split were still "too private to share... everything is so raw and new".

Shakira said: "My career had to be put in second gear."

She went on: "I knew that when he started school I had to settle down, plant roots in Barcelona, and be there for him and for Gerard and then later on for Sasha as well.

"As a soccer player, he [Pique] wanted to play football and to win titles and I had to support him."