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'Succession' script creation beyond AI powers, Jeremy Strong says

Jeremy Strong thinks AI cannot write good scripts like 'Succession'

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June 05, 2023
Succession script creation beyond AI powers, Jeremy Strong says
'Succession' script creation beyond AI powers, Jeremy Strong says 

Jeremy Strong believed artificial intelligence would fail to create top-notch scripts such as Succession.

According to The Times, the actor said, "AI ain't gonna write Succession, Chinatown or The Godfather. It's just not going to".

Later, Strong explained the importance of fine writing for a good series, "If we don't nurture and provide the infrastructure and the apparatus to support and engender and create another generation of writers who are deep thinkers, who are grappling with the big things, then what's left is decadence".

Strong also revealed an alternate ending of the smashing hit HBO drama where he tried to jump into the river after being deceived by her sister.

"I stood up and walked slowly to the barrier that was set up there and climbed over it. And I didn't really know what I plan to do. And the actor playing Colin saw me and ran and stopped me from doing it."

He continued: "I looked at these waves. And it was so windy that day and so cold. And there was some piece of metal clanging, and it was this terrible sound. And I sort of couldn't bear it."