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Elliot Page was mocked he 'is not gay' by A-lister celebrity

Elliot Page talks about getting bullied from an actor in her memoir

By Web Desk
June 03, 2023
Elliot Page was mocked he is not gay by A-lister celebrity

Elliot Page is talking about time he was verbally assaulted by a fellow star.

The actor talks about being bullied for his sexuality in his memoir 'Pageboy'

In 2014 at a birthday party in Los Angeles, the Juno star was told: “I’m going to f—k you to make you realize you aren’t gay.'"

The actor was also mocked: “A lot of queer and trans people deal with it incessantly,” he adds. “These moments that we often, like, don’t talk about or we’re supposed to just brush off, when actually it’s very awful.”

Page then adds another comment from her acquaintance: “You aren’t gay. That doesn’t exist. You are just afraid of men.”

The actor then adds how “[In Hollywood] these are very powerful people.”

“They’re the ones choosing what stories are being told and creating content for people to see all around the world.”

In 2014, Page came out as gay before getting her gender transformation in 2020.