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Andrew Tate reveals his next 'plan' in first 'emotional' speech since releasing from jail

Andrew Tate revealed his next plan in his first speech since releasing from jail on Friday

By Web Desk
April 01, 2023
Andrew Tate reveals his next plan in first emotional speech since releasing from jail
Andrew Tate reveals his next 'plan' in first 'emotional' speech since releasing from jail

Andrew Tate and his brother were released from Romanian prison on Friday, the influencer has revealed his first plan in first ever speech.

The controversial influencer shared in his future plan in first ever speech after getting free from the jail, where he was detained since December 2022, shared his next plan.

"I'm a little bit emotional, I've been in one room since last year so it's a little bit emotional. I wanna give respect to the judges who heard us today because they were very attentive and they listened to us" told the former kickboxer.

"I have no resentment in my heart for the country of Romania or anybody else. I just believe in the truth. I believe in God and that the fire of truth will eventually burn the lies" he added.

Tate went on to express his innocence, saying he believes the court will find him innocent of all accusations.

The social media influencer also shared what he plans on doing first now that he has been released from jail.

"When I was in jail I did 7,417 pushups," Tate said. "I want to get to 10,000 before the end of the week."

Tate brothers were released after the successful appeal against their detention, while staying behind the bars for more than three months.

The Bucharest Court of Appeal ruled in favor of Tate, who will remain under house arrest until his investigation continues.

Andrew and Tristan Tate were arrested from their residence in Romania in December over the allegations of sexual assault, trafficking and organized crimes.