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Prince Harry ‘should apologize himself: ‘Treacherous toad!’

Prince Harry is standing accused of becoming a ‘treacherous little toad’

By Web Desk
February 05, 2023

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Prince Harry is being put on blast for acting like a ‘treacherous little toad’ and not apologizing himself.

This claim has been made by Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan.

He started everything off by blasting the couple’s ‘treachery’ and even branded her a “little toad.”

Mr Morgan was quoted saying, “This treacherous little toad has forgotten that he is supposed to turn into a prince after being kissed by a spoiled princess – not the other way around.”

“Before we even think about whether Harry and Meghan should be allowed anywhere near the coronation, and for me, they absolutely should not be considered for an invitation, one thing would need to happen.”

“They’d have to go on national television … plunge to their knees and issue a global apology to their families on both sides who they so mercilessly trashed.”