Wednesday March 29, 2023

King Charles ‘must use’ tell-all to ‘draw a line’ under Prince Harry’s problems

CKing Charles urged to use his tell-all emotional interview to ‘draw a line’ with Prince Harry

By Web Desk
January 30, 2023

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King Charles has been called to use his upcoming tell all interview to ‘draw a firm line’ with Prince Harry.

The revelations have been made in a piece by writers from The Mirror.

The piece reads, “It feels like the whole world is transfixed, once again, by the Royal soap opera.

“Harry and Meghan have spent a long time telling their story. Then telling it again. Then making a documentary about it. Then bringing out a book.”

By now, “the revelations have been sensational.”

“Of course, the Sussexes have a right to air their views. But the thing that hasn’t sat right is this has been one-way traffic.”

When it comes to King Charles and the resounding silence, “every allegation from Harry is met by a dignified silence.”

“Privately, the King and the Prince of Wales must be furious, embarrassed, wanting to hit back and wanting to stop the confessional torrent. But they haven’t. Until now.”

The writer warns that while “Insiders say any mention of Harry could inflame a delicate situation. But surely this would be the right forum to put matters on the record.”

“He must use the upcoming interview to draw a line under the problems with his youngest son.”