Thursday March 30, 2023

Prince Harry has ‘fired torpedo after torpedo’ at King Charles, William

Queen Camilla ‘has no intention’ of letting Prince Harry get an invite to the coronation

By Web Desk
January 30, 2023

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Queen Camilla reportedly have ‘absolutely no intention’ of letting Prince Harry be invited to King Charles’ coronation.

This claim has been made by Stephen Glover, in his brand-new piece for the Daily Mail.

Mr Glover believes, “King Charles is reported to have asked the Archbishop of Canterbury to broker a deal to enable the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to attend his Coronation at Westminster Abbey in May.”

“The King is a loving father, and it is understandable that he should want his younger son to be present on such an occasion. He hopes to give the world the impression that the Royal Family is reconciled.”

“If only it were! The truth is that Harry has fired torpedo after torpedo at members of the Royal Family, most notably at the Queen Consort Camilla and his brother William, who is said to have misgivings about a deal to lure the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to the Coronation.”

In light of this, the columnist believes, “The King should obviously consider the feelings of his wife and elder son as well as those of his angry younger son. Harry's remarks about Camilla were particularly hurtful and unchivalrous.”