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Anoushey Ashraf reacts to criticism upon fangirling on Shah Rukh Khan

Anoushey Ashraf slams haters for the criticism

By Web Desk
January 29, 2023
Anoushey Ashraf slams haters for the criticism
Anoushey Ashraf slams haters for the criticism 

Anoushey Ashraf was one of those Pakistanis who watched Pathaan and appreciated Shah Rukh Khan’s comeback on big screen. She called Khan a ‘universal superstar’ and said even if Pakistan doesn’t promote Bollywood, she would still be a major Khan’s fangirl which did not go well.

She was accused that she pulled this stunt to get attention from Khan. She was constantly bullied at her social media accounts for expressing love towards that movie. Finally, she enough and reacted to all the criticism targeted towards her.

She responded to a comment on her Instagram post saying, "Man, I share things on my wall, as my opinions but the people in the comments section here are remarkable…they can’t even take an opinion. Like just ‘in my eyes’ an opinion is lost because they’re busy thinking I want to get noticed by him (Shah Rukh). Haha I mean, there are many ways to get noticed. Many many many… than a mere opinion on my own story.”

She further added, “Stars have universal love, respect and appeal and so we speak about them. But Pakistanis in general have this hate deep seated in them. Even for their own. They just cannot be nice in general. Everything makes them want to put another down. God knows what satisfaction they get from that but to an outsider it speaks volumes of a hardened, deprived and negative mindset. Good luck hating losers!"