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Prince Harry trashed for being desperate for ‘undiluted praise’

Prince Harry slammed for wanting a constant slew of ‘undiluted praise’

By Web Desk
January 21, 2023

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Prince Harry’s bid to demand ‘undiluted praise’ from the public has been called out.

Veteran royal correspondent Camilla Tominey issued this clapback against the Duke of Sussex.

She set the record straight during her appearance on Australia's Today show on Monday.

The expert started by accusing Prince Harry of having ‘no tolerance for criticism and even bashed him for demanding “undiluted praise” each and every time.

She was quoted telling the hosts Karl Stefanovic and Sarah Abo, “We always used to have quite a good working relationship, but Harry doesn't seem to take kindly to journalists that don't write anything other than undiluted praise.”

During the course of her interview she also offered her two cents into the public bashing of King Charles and clarified that it doesn’t seem to be happening for the purpose of “taking down his family and the institution” because “his popularity is tanking in the UK” already.

Ms Tominey believes, “The book is a real mix because there are some touching pages about the loss of his mother and you can completely sympathise with him.”

“But then it goes from those tender moments to discussions about whether or not he had frostbite on his genitals and how he lost his virginity... it's too much information.”