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Prince Harry, William's old interview clip resurfacing amid ongoing feud

Prince, in Spare, recalls the time that he and William lived together in Shropshire while training to be pilots at RAF Shawbury

By Web Desk
January 18, 2023

A video of an old  joint interview of Prince Harry and his elder brother Prince William is making rounds on social media amid ongoing feud between the two princes.

The Duke of Sussex in his memoir Spare recalls the time that he and his elder brother lived together in Shropshire while training to be pilots at RAF Shawbury.

At the time, the young royals were on different paths as the Duke was learning to fly elite Apache helicopters ahead his second deployment in Afghanistan.

While William was being trained as a rescue pilot as it was deemed too dangerous for the then-second in line to the throne to see combat.

"How much inter-service rivalry is there between you two?" a reporter asked the brothers, who stood before a helicopter in army green flight suits. "None at all," Harry said, as William agreed, and they began to speak simultaneously.

"Everyone knows the Army is a part of the RAF, so —" Harry said, as William cut him off. "I'm an old Household Calvary boy anyway, so it's fine," he said, referencing the regiment.

"And would you live together again, in as much experience being the same?" a journalist asked.

"Well, bear in mind, I cook him and feed him basically every day. I think he's done rather well," William said, as another reporter inquired about Harry's recent comment that he handled the dishes.

"He does do a bit of the washing up, then he leaves most of it in the sink, and then it comes back in the morning and I have to wash it up," William said, as Harry replied and shook his head with a smile, "Oh, the lies."

"You find yourself tidying up after him?" a reporter asked, to which William answered, "Yeah, a bit of tidying. He snores a lot as well. It keeps me up all night long."