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Former 'Grey's Anatomy' writer Elisabeth Finch claims to have faked her cancer diagnosis

Ex 'Grey's Anatomy' writer Elisabeth Finch admits to lying about her cancer and brother's suicide

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December 08, 2022
Former Greys Anatomy writer Elisabeth Finch claims to have faked her cancer diagnosis

Former Grey's Anatomy writer Elisabeth Finch confessed to having lied about personal life, mainly about battling cancer.

Elisabeth Finch was placed on administrative leave from the long-running ABC medical drama and later resigned after a March 17 report by The Ankler newsletter revealed that she may have "fabricated medical details from her personal life."

Speaking to Enews on December 7, Elisabeth Finch revealed, "I told a lie when I was 34 years old and it was the biggest mistake of my life. It just got bigger and bigger and bigger and got buried deeper and deeper inside me."

She revealed, "I've never had any form of cancer. What I did was wrong. Not okay. F--ked up. All the words."

In an ELLE magazine article, in 2014, Finch shared her diagnosis of a rare type of bone cancer, chondrosarcoma, and was hired by the creator of Grey's Anatomy afterward.

She also had her health battle incorporated into a storyline at the show. The Ankler report further reveals that Finch took great strides in trying to appear ill in front of her colleagues.

The report also revealed Finch's other lie that she told her colleagues, about her brother committing suicide in 2019 when in fact he is alive and living in Florida.

After the report revealed that her medical claims were false, Finch was removed from the show before a planned review of the allegations by ABC's parent company Disney

Finch hopes that through accountability she can mend her broken relationships. She explains, "I could only hope that the work that I've done will allow me back into those relationships."