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Selena Gomez weighs in on unrealistic beauty standards

Selena Gomez discusses about beauty goals at Time100 Summit

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April 25, 2024
Selena Gomez opens up about her pressures with beauty standards
Selena Gomez opens up about her pressures with beauty standards

Selena Gomez has recently addressed pressures of unrealistic beauty standards at the Time100 Summit in New York City on April 24.

While discussing about the impact of her cosmetics line, Rare Beauty on Wednesday, the Only Murders in the Building star said, "I felt that there's a very unrealistic standard when it comes to the cosmetic world and it makes me a little sad for my generation."

"And for anyone to look at something that's probably touched up and made to look nice is... I just wanted to break that down," continued the 31-year-old.

The Monte Carlo actress added, "I don’t know how to do makeup and I have a makeup line."

Reflecting on her beauty goal with Rare Beauty products, Gomez stated, "I wanted it to feel good when they're using my products."

"And all of our products are named based on uplifting things, from our Find Comfort line to anything that comes to mind, body and soul, we try to be very conscious of even naming the products to be reminders of joy or just finding yourself," explained the DoLittle actress.

Gomez mentioned, "So, I genuinely just wanted to make makeup that was fun for people."

"I don't believe in having to look a certain way. I spent years trying to do that and it's draining. Waste of time," she further said.

During the summit, Gomez pointed out, "I didn't want to really enter the cosmetics world without a mission."

"It was actually a dream that kind of happened within this brand, and on top of it we were able to make hopefully decent products," she added.