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BTS RM emphasizes on importance of ‘good’ lyrics

BTS RM reveals he wanted to be an author

By Web Desk
December 03, 2022
BTS RM reveals he wanted to be an author
BTS RM reveals he wanted to be an author 

RM is reportedly the third member of BTS to drop his solo album Indigo on 2nd December, which was highly anticipated by ARMY. His dedication towards his art is truly inspiring and the artist has revealed the part he feels most attached to.

In an exclusive interview with Variety, RM revealed he always wanted to be an author or poet, ever since he was a child. So as he embarks his solo music journey, he wants to crawl back to his original passion that is writing.

He said, ‘I’ve spent 10 years as a BTS member and 15 years doing music, so when things are changing and when you feel yourself just stuck at the moment … I always go back to the (start). I’ve been thinking about the reasons why I started all these things, and why I’m here still doing this, why I’ve not given up all this stuff. My conclusion was that I always wanted to be a writer — an author or a poet — when I was really young, like 10 or 12.’

Talking about his rap, he said, ‘If you write a rap, it’s still poetry. You know, these days, the industry is changing; the hype is rising. So the importance of lyrics is losing its position. But still, I just want to claim and make a statement about the importance of lyrics.’