Sunday February 05, 2023

Megyn Kelly rips Will Smith for defending his outrageous behaviour at recent interview

Megyn Kelly says Will Smith getting ‘total pass’ over Chris Rock slap due to his ‘skin colour’

By Web Desk
December 01, 2022

Megyn Kelly bashed Will Smith after he defended himself at recent interview with Trevor Noah over Oscars slapgate.

The journalist discussed the head-line making Oscar controversy and the King Richard actor's recent conversation with Noah while speaking to host Paul Murray.

She said that Smith is getting a “total pass” for slapping Chris Rock during the prestigious event due to his "skin colour" and if he were white, his career would have ended by now.

"Let's be honest,” she said, “If Will Smith were white and had assaulted Chris Rock, a black man at the Oscars, he would never work again a day in his life."

"He gets a pass because of his skin color and because he's a huge star and Hollywood celebrates that and values that above all else,” Kelly added.

"They have to act like they're mad over this one incident because they realize that the general population doesn't appreciate it, but they're not really mad.

Kelly continued: “Will Smith is gonna get a total pass and all the time remind us about how he's the real victim.”

Further into the conversation, Kelly shared an example of how Smith's apology should have been like, saying, "'I did something really stupid and cruel and I'm deeply apologetic for it. I'm sorry. That's all I can tell you. I hope I earn your forgiveness.' Period!”

“You know what he's doing? 'Poor me.' He literally went on Trevor Noah, this failing late-night comedian show, and said, 'Hurt people, hurt people,’” she added.