Wednesday February 01, 2023

Prince Harry ‘completely denied’ King Charles ‘any access’ to Archie, Lilibet

Prince Harry reportedly ‘refused’ King Charles the chance to speak to Lilibet and Archie

By Web Desk
November 28, 2022

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The day of the monarch’s birthday reportedly featured stonewalling by Prince Harry who ‘refused’ to accommodate call time.

This revelation has been unearthed by an inside source close to New Idea.

While King Charles was ‘spoiled rotten’ by Prince William and Kate Middleton’s kids George, Charlotte and Louis, he was not even patched through to a call with Archie and Lilibet.

This instance reportedly ended up “casting a shadow over celebrations” for the rest of the day.

The source believes the decision to remove Prince Harry as Counsellors of State added to it since the prince seems to have taken “this motion as a clear message that he is being officially iced out and there's no doubting that him and Meghan will have decided that two can play at that game.”

This hypothesis has come in light of how the Sussexes don’t seem to have “a lot of leverage left against the royals, but they do know Charles wishes he had a close relationship with his American grandchildren. At this point, some wonder whether the Sussexes will ever allow the King to see those kids again.”

At the same time being rejected a call to his grandchildren became his ‘wake-up call’ and made him want to “rise above the feud with Harry and Meghan and have a meaningful relationship.”