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'Black Adam' star names against Henry Cavill's Superman return

'Black Adam' star said he wanted to make the hero “as the most powerful, unstoppable force in the DC universe”

By Web Desk
November 28, 2022
Black Adam star names against Henry Cavills Superman return
'Black Adam' star names against Henry Cavill's Superman return

Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson finally confirmed the chatter that Warner Bros. ruled out Henry Cavill-led Superman return.

Per Deadline, the 50-year-old then revealed that the studio “inexplicably and inexcusably” did not want to bring back Cavill but he was not going to take no for an answer and his team got to work.

“This has been years in the making regarding bringing Henry Cavill back and years of strategic conversations and we were not going to take no for an answer,” he added. 

“There was no way, there’s no viable logical way that you can attempt to build out the DC Universe without the most powerful force and the greatest superhero of all time sitting on the sidelines. It’s impossible to do.”

Johnson continued, “It all comes back to where Superman you have to have Superman in the mix. So that’s why we fought hard to bring Superman back, Henry Cavill, and there was no other Superman, by the way, to bring back Henry Cavill is our generation Superman and in my opinion, the greatest Superman. And I mean that respectfully to the other actors, especially Christopher Reeve, but the greatest Superman of all time.

With Cavill back in the DC Universe, the Black Adam star said that they can “now build out the DC Universe, properly, strategically and smartly.” Johnson also noted that since the film came out the “hierarchy of power in the DC Universe has changed and, of course, now we have new leadership at DC and at Warner Bros.”