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Celebrities slam David Beckham over multi-million pound Qatar World Cup deal

Celebrities including Will Young, Joe Lycett and more have slammed David Beckham

By Web Desk
November 25, 2022
Celebrities slam David Beckham over multi-million pound Qatar World Cup deal
Celebrities slam David Beckham over multi-million pound Qatar World Cup deal

David Beckham has been hit with intense backlash for accepting the controversial role as ambassador for Qatar Tourism during the FIFA World Cup.

The former English footballer has been slammed on the internet by a number of social media users as well as celebrities, who have called him out for hurting people’s sentiments.

The backlash began after the news about the former Manchester United star player started making rounds as he was paid £10million for promoting the Middle Eastern country as a welcoming tourist destination amid human rights violation row

Beckham, 48, was criticized for supporting Qatar despite its strict laws around homosexuality. He is yet to address the backlash but celebrities have been condemning his well-paid ambassador deal.

Former Pop Idol star Will Young penned a scathing open letter challenging the Beckham to donate part of his reported earnings every year to LGBTQIA+ charities.

“What is undoubtedly clear however is a star like you @davidbeckham who I once sang for (not for any money I hasten to add) at your birthday has disappointed me more than I can say,” the singer said.

He added, “The decision to take the alleged £150 million over 15 years is greedy enough, the burying of your head in the sand from you, your team and your advisers is repellent and cowardice personified.’

Comedian Joe Lycett also bashed Beckham. In a video, he said, “This is my final message to David Beckham, it’s me, that who shredded loads of money in a cost of living crisis.

Lycett added, “I’m not even queer! Only joking. There is one thing I’ll shred – this is your Attitude magazine cover from June 2002, the first-ever cover of a gay mag with a Premier league footballer on it,” adding, “I asked Attitude if I could shred it, and they were more than happy to oblige.”

Strictly Come Dancing star John Whaite voiced his thoughts at the TV Choice Awards this month, and said it was a ‘disgusting’ move and that David was ‘cheapening himself’.

“I think he has the power to make great change in this world,’ he added. ‘Millions if not billions of eyes are on him, and he’s making the wrong step right now.”

The Bake Off winner continued, “As someone with so much power and money, he has a chance to really, literally change lives, and he’s doing the exact opposite. So shame on him.”