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Gerard Pique never ‘cried’ after kids’ custody meeting with Shakira

Gerard Pique, Shakira ended 'intense meeting' in respectable way despite speculations

By Web Desk
November 24, 2022

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Gerard Pique did not create any drama after his meeting with Shakira when they signed the kids' custody agreement.

A Spanish newspaper El Mundo investigated claims made by several media outlets about how the custody meeting between the Waka Waka singer and the Barcelona player ended on a bad note.

They published a report refuting claims that the sports star cried in the kitchen while Shakira comforted him after their “intense” marathon meeting.

Sources close to the couple told the publication as per Marca Magazine that there were no dramatic incidents during the meeting or afterward.

However, it was alleged that Shakira and Pique had a heated discussion and at one point during their negotiations, they were on the verge to end the meeting and break off the contract.

By the time the negotiations ended, Pique understood that it was for the good of their boys, Sasha and Milan, that they go with their mother to Miami.

The outlet further mentioned that the Columbian singer and the footballer said their goodbyes to each other in a polite, brief and respectable manner.