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Emily Ratajkowski broke up with Brad Pitt over text: ‘She dumped him for Pete’

Emily Ratajkowski reportedly wanted 'exclusive' relationship with Brad Pitt but he refused

By Web Desk
November 23, 2022

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Emily Ratajkowski dumped Brad Pitt over a text message after he failed to commit to her for a serious relationship. 

A source spilled to In Touch Weekly that the model wanted to keep her "options open" when the Hollywood hunk refused to be "exclusive" with her.

The Gone Girl star told the Bullet Train actor that she “wanted to take a break” and explore her options with Pete Davidson and DJ Orazio Rispo.

“They were hot and heavy,” the insider spoke of Ratajkowski and Pitt’s romance. Emily was even spending a lot of time at Brad’s new mansion.”

“Neighbors said she and Brad would have candlelit dinners, and some even said they saw the pair skinny-dipping in the ocean,” the source said.

“But Brad wasn’t ready to commit to a new relationship, so Emily kept her options open,” the insider revealed.

The source went on to allege that since Pitt “wasn’t ready to be exclusive with” Ratajkowski, she “told him she wanted to take a break – over text. She dumped him for Pete.”

“Emily is well aware that Pete has a way with the ladies. It didn’t put Emily off. If anything, his dating history intrigued her. Emily thinks Pete is hot, and he’s more age-appropriate than Brad Pitt.”

This comes after Emily Ratajkowski admitted she wants to date “multiple” people. “I would be with multiple men, also some women as well,” she said in a TikTok video.