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King Charles wants Prince Andrew, Prince Harry ‘stripped’ from Parliament: Here’s how

King Charles’ plans to sideline Prince Harry, Prince Andrew from Parliament

By Web Desk
November 16, 2022

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Here is why King Charles wants Prince Andrew and Prince Harry removed from Parliament. 

These insights have been issued by royal commentator Richard Palmer, in a piece for Express UK.

He began by highlighting the potential changes King Charles is undertaking with Prince Harry and Prince Andrew out of the running for Heads of State.

“The King wants to expand the number of members of the Royal Family who can stand in for him before he and Queen Consort Camilla go on their first overseas tour, expected to be in the spring.”

He also added how, “His decision is seen as a way of sidelining three non-working members of the family who are currently counsellors of state - his estranged and exiled son the Duke of Sussex, his disgraced brother the Duke of York, and, to a lesser extent, his niece Princess Beatrice, who works for a US-based technology company and does not undertake official duties on behalf of the monarch.”

“Constitutional experts have said it is much easier legally and more diplomatic to extend the number of counsellors of state than it is to remove people from the list.”

This comes shortly after rumors of Princess Anne and Prince Edward taking over the monarchy came to light.

“Under the 1937 and 1953 Regency Acts, two members of the family from a pool of five are required at any one time to stand in if the monarch is abroad or too ill to work.”

“The five stipulated are the monarch’s spouse, Camilla, and the first four adults in the line of succession, Prince William, Harry, Andrew and Beatrice.”

“They could be asked to open or dissolve Parliament, approve the appointment of Government ministers or judges, preside over the Privy Council, meet ambassadors, and sign legislation into law.”