Nick Cannon and Zeus Network condemned for colorist amusement

Nick Cannon and Zeus get slammed for diving women based on skin tone

December 09, 2023

Nick Cannon and Zeus Network are facing intense backlash for introducing a competition based on dividing women using their skin tone.

The live show is called Bad vs. Wild Las Vegas, in which ‘Wild ‘N Out’ stars from Cannon’s side play against Zeus’ group of ‘Baddies.’

A promotional poster originally labeled one segment as “dark skin vs light skin,” sparking outrage and accusations of colorism.

People called for cancellations, leading to the post’s swift deletion, edit, and reupload in a short period of time. The segment has now been renamed to “chocolate goddesses vs caramel goddesses.”

Poster edit by Zeus Network.

Despite that, followers are keen on highlighting the sensitivity around skin color issues in entertainment, calling for more responsible content creation.

“Y’all can reword it all you want, try to sell it however you want, it's still the same colorist bs,” a commentator wrote, “Not only is this detrimental to the black community but y’all are opening a door for other races to feed into the colorism as well. Y’all should be ashamed.”

Another said, “The switch up without even addressing what you did before is crazy.”

“This is colorist. It’s just sad,” a third one expressed their disappointment.