Kate Middleton 'not angry' at Prince Harry despite bold claims

Prince Harry made some bold claims about Kate Middleton in his memoir that has led to their relationship taking a turn for the worst

By Web Desk
September 22, 2023

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Kate Middleton is reportedly ‘not angry’ at her bother-in-law Prince Harry even after the latter made explosive claims about her in his memoir Spare.

Royal correspondent Katie Nicholl spoke to The Sun and revealed that the Duke of Sussex had left her 'hurt' over his comments and allegations on the royal.

She added that because he broke one major royal rule, Prince William's wife no longer had any salvageable ties left with Prince Harry.

"When you think of the personal revelations, and I think you can call them snide remarks made about Kate in Spare, Harry broke the one rule and that is staying silent on family matters."

Elaborating on Kate's feelings, Nicholl said that it was likely that the royal felt 'disappointed' but insisted that she was not one to express anger no matter how serious the situation.

"While Kate and Harry used to be very, very close, there's been a complete breakdown of that relationship. I don’t think Kate does angry. I think it is more a case of feeling very disappointed, very let down and feeling hurt knowing that she had no right of reply – and Harry knew full well she had no right of reply."