Eva Green wins big in London court case over unpaid $1 million fee for failed movie

Eva Green files a lawsuit against Hollywood production company over abandoned movie

By Web Desk
April 28, 2023
Eva Green wins big in London court case over unpaid $1 million fee for failed movie

Eva Green has reportedly earned success in high court dispute over nonpayment of fee for a failed movie, A Patriot.

According to Reuters, the Casino Royale star had filed a lawsuit against White Lantern Films and SMC Specialty Finance at the London’s High Court earlier this year.

Green claimed that under her “pay or play” contract she was still owed her fee worth $1 million, which was being held in by her agent, even the movie had collapsed.

However, the production company White Lantern had counter-sued Green for “conspiracy, deceit and unlawful interference,” claiming she had intentionally “sought to undermine the production” and cause the movie to fall apart so “she could buy out the script and make it herself”.

The movie, which was written and set to be directed by Dan Pringle, began to collapse in 2019. Therefore, Sherborne Media Finance stepped in to provide a “bridge loan” with the intention of getting the production back on track in order to secure proper funding.

It is pertinent to mention that most of the fund, which was used, was for Green’s fee.

During her two-day cross examination, Green mentioned that she was not called to the studio for rehearsals or stunt training, describing it as “so strange”.

The actress also explained, “If I had been called to set, I would have done this film even though it would have been a disaster.”

“In the 20 years that I have been making films, I have never broken a contract or even missed one day of shooting,” stated Green.

Green asserted, “I didn't have to do anything to make the film fail... they made it fail on their own with their incompetence.”

Later, Judge Michael Green said in a ruling, “Ms Green’s claim to the Fee succeeds and I will make a declaration to that effect.”

“I reject all the defendants’ defenses to the claim,” remarked the judge.

In the end, Michael added, “I find that Ms Green did not renounce her obligations under the Artist Agreement; nor did she commit any repudiatory breaches of it.”