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Pak agrees to release more Taliban

- November 30, 2012 - Updated 1310 PKT - From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar met with her Afghan counterpart Zalmai Rassoul here on Friday.


In a joint statement issued following the meeting, Pakistan agreed to release another batch of Taliban prisoners in a bid to facilitate peace talks between insurgents and the Afghan government.


Both sides also agreed to operationalize a Joint Commission to address the prisoners issue as announced during the visit of President Karzai to Islamabad in June 2011.


The two countries also reaffirmed their commitment to jointly overcome the challenges of terrorism and extremism.


Following the meeting during a joint news conference, Pakistan also announced its support for a Ulema conference scheduled to take place in Kabul in January, 2013.


Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar said that Pakistan is keen to strengthen its ties with Afghanistan and it also supports the peace process in the neighbouring country.


Khar told reporters that a delegation of Afghan Peace Council visited Pakistan few days ago and their trip went ‘successful.’


Khar said that she herself visited Afghanistan four times and the Afghan Foreign Minister arrived in Islamabad on the country’s invitation.


She said that both the neighbouring countries are facing same challenges of terrorism and narcotics.


On the occasion, the Afghan Foreign Minister Zalmai Rassoul said that his country would not allow its soil to be used against Pakistan. He said that the two countries discussed Afghan peace process during their talks.

Reader Comments
Release more Taliban???? ...... Does not make any sense because Afghan Taliban are treated as honorary guests.

Releasing taliban /terrorists does not help /free the world from relegious fanatics extremists /all terrorists ?.

Keep on releasing all cutthroats bandits, they will keep on coming back. Ms Khar have you lost any close kin of yours to these bandits ? You & Zardari can afford to be generous.

Is this the only 'purpose' of Pak-Afghan reconciliation - Taliban release? Is the Afghan foreign minister Zalami Rassoul a friend of Taliban or a friend of Pakistan. Or -- Is the Afghan military playing the "Strategic Depth" in reverse -- on Pakistan NOW?

Why the so-called Afghan Taliban have been detained by Pakistani authorities in the first place one wonders The obvious and logical reason can be that they ware not doing Pakistan's bidding . Moreover, it's a crying shame for the Afghans to have such an idiot as their foreign minister; and, also a corrupt and dolt person like Karzai, as their president, who has stolen elections.

This step is to appease Taliban so the US led occupation forces have a safe exit from Afghanistan, not to mention after quite a bit of drubbing.

Ihtesham Kayani
These released Talibans will not be in the benefit of Afghanistan or Pakistan or USA.At least it is a good start.

syed baqar ahsan
FM Hina drug and terrorism of Af-PAK is in great demand in America so don't be serious about it.Drugs are going as per demand in USA,Terrorism is a reason to stay in Afghanistan and deny mutual economic benefit and criss cross trade amongst countries around Af-Pak,that is aim and mission.

syed baqar ahsan
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