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Pak makes largest human national flag

- October 22, 2012 - Updated 2051 PKT - From Web Edition

LAHORE: Pakistan youth on Monday made another world record by making the biggest human national flag with the help of 24,200 students, breaking the earlier record set by 21,726 participants in Hong Kong in 2007.


"It's an amazing display of unity and nationality," said Gareth Deaves, the official representative of The Guinness World Records after declaring the feat as a new world record at National Hockey Stadium Lahore.


Earlier today, 1,936 Pakistani students broke the record of the largest picture mosaic formed by people at the same venue here.


The picture mosaic was of the Shahi Qila (Lahore Fort) and the official announcement of the new record was made by a representative from the Guinness World Records. The previous records was held by Ansley McEvoy and her friends and family in South Carolina, USA.


Pakistanis have broken several records in the past two days including one for most number of people singing the national anthem simultaneously.

Reader Comments
Now the record belongs to Bangladesh. :D

a good news from Pakistani youth, its a good thing i guess, atleast they are doing something positive.

Congratulate pakistan.Finally something to cheer about. Bcuz something is better than nnthing

what a waste of time!! The combined effort of 21,726 should have been put into something more productive that would have yielded more beneficial results than a human flag having little or no significance. Just my opinion.

The younger generation of Pakistanis will make and take Pakistan forward. The older generation is a bunch of corrupt feudal lords who continue to enslave the country with their children growing up in the same mold. These are global records recognized by Guinness and come at a time when we are saddened at the dismal economic situation and lawlessness. Viva Lahore. Salams

N Habib
Wel done! Long live Pakistan. No need to keep remain frustrated and must acknowledge positive approaches which help to get our impression better worldwide. We must know that there is always a dawn, no matter how long is the night is.

Salim Ashraf
The one Naara 'The Taliban Lovers' hate most:Pakistan Zindabad!

It looks like that the desparate people are now playing cat and mouce game. Naturelly the world will call them the most proude and daring people in the world. Is Zardari is the captain of the team?

m. a
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