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Farm with infected sheep sealed

- September 07, 2012 - Updated 163 PKT - From Web Edition

KARACHI: The Livestock department has sealed the farm where Australian sheep believed to be infected with a contagious disease are being kept.


The livestock department is taking blood samples of the sheep and their health will be verified and investigated.


22,000 infected Australian sheep were unloaded at Port Qasim on Tuesday night. Approximately 75,000 sheep departed from Australia on board the Fremantle-based Wellard Rural Exports ship Ocean Drover. Their destination was countries in the Middle East. 53,000 sheep were offloaded in Qatar and Oman, while the remaining 22,000 were to be transported to Bahrain.


However when the Ocean Drover arrived in Bahrain on August 29 it was asked to leave its berth until matters were resolved. It was here that concerns were raised in regards to the sheep being infected with scabby mouth disease.


The ship remained in the waters of Bahrain for 14 days and the sheep were not allowed to be unloaded. According to standard rules, the ship should have returned to Australia, however its next destination was a city which was not even part of its original route.


The Ocean Drover docked in Port Qasim, Karachi on Tuesday night. The 22,000 sheep were offloaded and handed over to an unknown buyer.


After Geo News highlighted this issue, Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping Babar Ghauri ordered an investigation into how the sheep were unloaded in Karachi.

Reader Comments
Karachi adminstration and law agencies knew who own the farm, who got all these diseased sheep released from the costom, who paid all custom duty and in whose name all custom clearenace documents were prepared. But neither ever his name released nor he ever tried in court of law. Same is the case with all target killing and extortion gang leaders. Neither they be ever tried or brought to law.

sab mile hue hain jab karachi ship k route me hi nhi tha to ship karachi kese aa gya? or agr aa b gya to sheep unload kis k order se hui? or kya govt sirf curruption me masruf hai k in ko ye b pta nhi k buyer kon hai or unloadin k waqt kon tha wahan. saf inquirey to ho nhi sakti is masle ki q k govt PPP ki hai or ports k minister MQM se hain, ye masla to Supreme Court hi hal kre wohi action le nhi to ye begherat to awam ko bari eid pe bimar janwaron ka tuhfa den ge

arigf jabbar
some of our people are truly downright corrupt to the bone with no soul. these people have risked the health of all of us as this disease can be transmitted to humans.

Very soon the same minister who ordered the investigation would be eating the meat of that sheep and would not even know about it as he got a scabby mouth of his own. Shame on him for being the Minister of ports and Shippinng and not knowing the "sheep had landed"on our port. Totally disgusting.

Imran Quraishi
Thank you for alerting us!

The farm will be unsealed as soon the authorities find out it belongs to an influential

Shaffiq Mahmood
United Kingdom
Why hasn't the PAK government logged a protest with the Australian government for allowing this to happen? Why hasn't this matter been raised at the international level?

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