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Adnan Rasheed suspected in Kamra attack

- August 16, 2012 - Updated 100 PKT - From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Interior has suspected the involvement of dangerous Taliban terrorist Adnan Rasheed in Kamra air base attack that left nine terrorists and a security official dead Thursday, Geo News reported.


According to the report, a brazen attack on the Bannu prison was carried out in April to free convicted terrorist Adnan Rasheed, along with 400 other prison inmates after which it was advised to beef up the security of military installations and VIPs.


The report had also elucidated that Adnan Rasheed was an ex-PAF employee and had information about the air bases and highly sensitive installations.


Security has been tightened after the militants stormed Kamra air base early today as heavy contingents of security forces have been deployed at all entry and exit points of the airport.


The airport sources also told that the security forces have been equipped with latest weapons to counter any untoward incident.


Militants dressed in uniforms and armed with guns and rocket launchers stormed PAF base Kamra, sparking heavy clashes that left nine militants and a security official dead while a plane was also damaged.


The base commander, who led the counter-attack, was also injured in the battle.


The attack comes amid speculation that Pakistan could launch an operation against militants in the tribal district of North Waziristan.


The Air Force said the attackers with rocket propelled-grenades and suicide vests attacked the base, home to the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex that assembles Mirage and JF-17 fighter jets, at 2:00 am today.


The security forces completed the operation after hours of attack while all the dead attackers were identified as foreigners.


There was no immediate claim of responsibility but the Pakistani Taliban have targeted a string of military bases since rising up against the government in July 2007.


Reader Comments
If TTP aim is to attack american supporters why no american working or roaming in pakistan has ever been harmed its a truth that they are all funded by usa

Eye opener
These are False Flag operations . Very similar to the ones in Lahore. I asked the policeman in Lahore why they had not used their guns when they were attacked. Their answer was the guns had been taken away from them one day before the attack. This is all government involvement every single event and bombing.

Nighat Khan

The TTP is funded from the outside, trained in bases outside Pakistan, and given refuge in areas outside Pakistan. Everyone knows the difference between the the TTP and the Taliban who concentrate their operations within Afghanistan.

Editor Rupee News
Will it get better anytime soon. Or we in it for coming few generation?

Faizullah Khalil
Pakistan must understand that USA/UK have are funding and training these outlaws named TTP. Pakistan needs a sincere political leadership who is well motivated and determined to take decisions in the National Interest. This government is least interested in solving the issues. The statement by the Ministry of Interior affairs reflects nothing more than..."The snake seems to have gone that way after biting" For God sake, trace it and kill it.

Kill this foreign snake
' all the dead attackers were identified as foreigners." - I have reservations about the truth in this sentence.

p r sharma
This pathetically myopic government of Pakistan still speaks rubbish and not realising The Real Threat which lurks all around Pakistan and within Pakistan in the form of PPP government. The enemy agents are taking down the surveillance Air crafts as the USA, UK & India would want to bring forward their Nuclear Command submarines equipped with the ballistic (Nuclear) missiles in Pakistani waters. Where as, AWACS and P3-ORION won't let it happen easily.

Aik Pakistani
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