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Cops question US diplomats on weapons

- June 05, 2012 - Updated 148 PKT - From Web Edition

PESHAWAR: Authorities briefly questioned three American diplomats on Monday in the city of Peshawar after weapons were found in their vehicles, police said.


The diplomats, accompanied by three Pakistani nationals, were stopped at a routine checkpoint where they refused to have their vehicles searched, police said.


When police checked anyway, they said they found several rifles, pistols and ammunition. The Pakistanis were charged with illegal possession of weapons, police said.


A U.S. embassy official said: "These officials were returning from a visit to Malakand University where they were preparing for an English education event for underprivileged children. They had all proper permissions but were stopped when returning to Peshawar."


Relations between the United States and Pakistan have sunk to their lowest in years over a series of events, including the recent imprisonment of the Pakistani doctor who helped the CIA hunt down Osama bin Laden.


Police said the Americans also had been questioned because they left Peshawar on a trip and returned without proper documents.


Last year, CIA contractor Raymond Davis killed two Pakistanis in the eastern city of Lahore, straining ties between Washington and Islamabad.

Washington says he acted in self defense.


Davis was acquitted of murder and allowed to leave Pakistan after a $2.3 million payment was made to the men's families.

Reader Comments
Question: Can a Pakistani Diplomat in USA carry such weapons? Refuse police checking? and then is left to go enjoy.. US will make up cases against its national working for the Pakistani diplomat? We have sold our dignity & pride.. we cannot uphold our law.. for a few dollars!

Akif Janjua
This persistent violation of US personnel in Pakistan has to stop now. US had no business in Pakistan. Corrupt leadership had given these US Rambo's virtually freehand in Pakistan to do whatever they want. Pakistan become BANANA state after reading such blatant violation each and every day by US.

They need to be punished as are other citizens of the country are!!! Why the diplomatic impunity has been given to these terrorists who act as diplomats. Why they need these latest weapons when traveling in the cities to kill civilians to create a law order situation in all cities of Pakistan. No what proof is needed that these so-called American citizens are mostly CIA agents in the garb of diplomats.

Job well done by the highway cops but again a wink and a nudge from the offices of the most corrupt government in Pakistan have let the culprits go scot free even though they were caught RED HANDED. May God have His curse on those who are holding Pakistani people as hostages.

United Kingdom
Tread carefully. If the diplomats in Pakistan are not permitted to have private security and to travel in unmarked vehicles, the members of their families will force all the diplomats to return to their own countries.

Well done officers, These americans do not consider anyone to be above the law in their own countries so it is high time that they tasted their own medicine.

United Kingdom
Congratulations to the police. A job well done. Keep vigilant and trust not these folks. Hopefully the charge will hold followed by strict punishment. (A Pakistani diplomat doing so in USA would be on a plane to Cuba by now!)

Job well done COPS.... It's a good idea to keep an eye on western diplomats as they are the real bad guys behind veil of civilized nationality. They are murderers killers and world class terrorists/ genociders but interestingly are considered as face of the civilization.

Hong Kong
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