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Nawaz subverting democracy: PPP

- December 01, 2011 - Updated 1933 PKT - From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: Central leader of Pakistan People's Party (PPP) Babar Awan Thursday alleged that PML-N President Nawaz Sharif by calling President (Zardari) a traitor had tried to play the same game that led to (the creation of) Bangladesh.


Babar Awan said this at a press conference held hours after Nawaz Sharif appeared before Supreme Court where proceedings of the memogate scandal were initiated as a result of Constitutional petitions submitted by Nawaz Sharif and others.


Commenting on the formation of a body to look into memogate scandal, Awan said Executive was the only institution in the country, which could set up such a commission under the constitution.


Information Minister Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan, Khursheed Shah and Qamar Zaman Kaira were also present at the press conference.


"We will not allow the supremacy of the Parliament to be wiped out," Babar Awan vowed. He, however, added that he believed there was no political personality in the country who could be called a traitor.


He asked Nawaz Sharif if he had filed any petition for indicting Musharraf under Article 6. "What is stopping Sharifs from filing a case of treason against coup detat of October 12, 1999?"


He said it had become clear today as to who wanted disintegration of the country.


'Today a decision was announced without hearing the point of view of the federation," Babar Awa regretted.


Khurshid Shah on the occasion said 'those who don't run away and stay in the country and fight in the democracy can't be intimidated by use of article 6'.


Information Minister Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan alleged that the protocol department of Supreme Court received PML-N leaders.


Babar Awan said the present government raised the national flag in Swat, resolved NFC issue, vacated two cantonments in Balochistan through consensus.

Reader Comments
democracy or demons-cracy?

sajjad khan
Dr Babar Awam’, who held a bombastic Press Conference yesterday (01.12.2011) in which he accused Nawaz Shrif of subverting democracy, the man, who with BB had jointly signed COD in London. Will Babar Awan explain what Democracy means & is it prevailing in Pakistan?

B i j l i
PART 1...Is not there any sensible person with PPP to speak Media. Why PPP always choose this Fake PHD holder> This is the AWAN who distributed sweets while Bhutto was hanged and he also tried to create mess when Benazir went to Rawalpindi Bar. Now he is trying to prove himself true JIALA.

Hundreds of incidents within country, at least dozens of cases overseas and many other things prove that Zardari is the worst political figure in Pakistan today. For heaven sake, how can these jokers protect him. Those who protect the hypocrites, cheaters and blood suckers are equally responsible for the crimes and Allah shall take them to the hell for good.

N.M. Abbasi
every time ppp finds it self in trouble they talk of breaking pakistan . it was ppp that raised the slogan "idhar hum udhar tum" and they misuse the sindh card to gain sympathies of sindhis

toufiq pasha
Actually this is Zardari sb in the hide of Babar Awan. Enough is enough, this time the team of Zardari sb has to face the law of land.

Rashid Mahmood Rashid
No!There are traitors, who wanted to give the US contractor the imunity and those wisked him away even without the passport or those who had not cared for the national interests. Do I go on, it is long list.Mr Awan should aslo check his facts before he opens his mouth. It was ZAB who did not want to the majority party their rights.

Akram Malik
Is aadmi ki shakal say hi nahoosat tapak rahi hai...

Haris Maqsood
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