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Drone attack targeted dialogue process: Pervaiz Rasheed

November 02, 2013 - Updated 1450 PKT
From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: Information Minister Pervaiz Rasheed has said the government would not let the drone strikes kill the dialogue process, Geo News reported Saturday.


Speaking to media persons here Saturday, the information minister said drones are used for killings, however, they would not let drones kill the dialogue process. This time around the drone attack targeted the dialogue process, he added.


To a question, Rasheed said Pakistan and the US have a different viewpoint on drone strikes.


He said a war could not be put to an end with the help of another war.


The information minister said blocking Nato supply line could not end the drone strikes. "Did drone strikes end when Nato supply was halted earlier?" The information minister answered this question himself and said attacks of unmanned aircrafts were not halted even after Nato supply was stopped after the Salala attack.

Reader Comments
The US should consider dropping a payload of hogs in the mountains. And do the same in Afghanistan. Maybe that will keep then indoors so they can stop the killing of innocent people. What could Muhammed have taught you so that you cannot try for peace? I wish they would spray pig blood all over every Quran, for whatever it is teaching you, it is surely not peace.

If you poor gasoline on concrete, it burns off quickly. Add dried wood and bones then then you provide fuel. The evil Talibans are fuel. Keep putting up more and we will keep dousing them with more gasoline. That is where they belong.

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