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Doctors perform robotic surgery in India

March 06, 2011 - Updated 00 PKT
From Web Edition

CHENNAI: A team of cardiac surgeons at the Chettinad Health City here has performed what is claimed to be the world's first simultaneous replacement of two heart valves through robotic technology, a team doctor said here.


Dr. R. Ravi Kumar, the Director of the Institute of Cardiovascular Disease at the Chettinad Health City, said the robotically assisted procedure involved replacing both the mitral and the aortal valve simultaneously.


The surgery carried out on D. Vijayakanth, an auto driver from Vellore, was done by a three armed robot, took four hours and cost Indian 225,000 rupees (4,500 U.S. dollars).


Robotic surgery, which is fairly new in the country, can be used for a gamut of medical procedures, said Dr Ravi Kumar.


'This is the first time in the world a double valve replacement heart surgery was performed with the assistance of a robot - Da Vinci,' R. Ravi Kumar said.

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You are correct Mr.Khan, last week one of friend’s uncle was dead due to blood leakage. Dr.Ravi Kumar operated him for the second time to stop the blood leakage from the heart. Dr.Ravikumar, the Director of the Institute of Cardiovascular Disease at the Chettinad Health city in Chennai, TamilNadu, INDIA using Robotic Surgery, the first surgery was not successfully, after four days doctors decided to operate him to stop the leak but no luck.

Watch out Da Vinci can be fatal. Not 100% safe has its own added problems. Accidents as in severing an artery has been known. Given that scenario, Internal bleeding may /will require a conventional course to address it. Meanhwile loss of life can be a direct result of delay in reversing the damage done.

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