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Shahbaz Bhatti assassinated

- March 02, 2011 - Updated 00 PKT - From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Minorities, Shahbaz Bhatti was assassinated by unknown gunmen in Islamabad, Geo News reported. Hospital spokesman Dr Azmat ullah Qureshi confirmed that the minister succumbed to the injuries.


He was rushed to the hospital. Unknown assailants shot the minister when he was leaving from his house in Sector I-8.


In broad daylight, unknown assailants sprayed bullets on the car of the minister after he came out of his mother's home in a residential area of Islamabad, police said.


"Three or four armed men riding in a white car intercepted his official vehicle GV-444," city police chief Wajid Durrani told reporters.


"The attackers were clad in shawls and fired bursts on him, and he died," Durrani said. The minister's driver was wounded.


The police chief insisted that Bhatti had been provided with proper security, but said the minister was not accompanied by his security detail when the attack happened.


"The squad officer told me that the minister had directed him to wait for him at his office. We are investigating the matter from different angles," Durrani said.


Bhatti was dead on arrival at Islamabad's Shifa hospital, doctor Azmatullah Qureshi confirmed.

Reader Comments
christian community is peaceful, educated and are endangered in the hands of fundamentalists, if the world doesn't take any note, it is going to perish in Pakistan.

Bilal asif
I am 100 percent sure that Shabaz bhatti is killed by the agents of intel agencies to create that kind of situtation which favour the release of Raymond Davis. I think Supreme Court of Pakistan must take the probe of this target killing.

Deepak baghchandri
Mr.Shahbaz bhatti was the great hero's for every Christan family's.we are naver forget him because he is great leader in christain community .

Murderers hide their identities instead of leaving receipts on site. Pakistan Foundation Pakistan Did Qadri try to hide his identity and did the lawyers had to so some unhiding before doing the garlanding? I wonder why the papers and TV say otherwise.

vikas ranjan
so far as the case of Salman taseer is concerned , was a case of carelessness. One is at full liberty to have hatred or disagreement with any faith or personality but in his chest only. Why to provoke followers of a certain religion by commenting in slang every now and then. Even a clever man like Abdur rehman malik was forced by conscience to declare " If some would commit blasphemy in front of me I ( A.R.Malik ) would kill him."

Pak Beacon
Shouting slogans of a certain community to whom one wants to involve , leaving ID of someone to whom they want to implicate or leaving hand bills or posters of a certain school of thought to whom they want to target are very old instruments in year 2011.Murderers hide their identities instead of leaving receipts on site.

Pakistan Foundation
We agree with Mahi that our friends who are brought in by our dual nationality president and interior minister are shattering our security appratus and are trying to bring different communities at war with each other.

Peace International
1.Who declared Ahmadis/Taseer/Bhatti 'wajibul qatal? CIA/RAW/MOSSAD 2.Who killed Ahmadis/Taseer/Bhatti? CIA/RAW/MOSSAD 3.Who is Qadri? CIA/RAW/MOSSAD 4.Who garlanded Qadri? CIA/RAW/MOSSAD 5.Who led rallies in Karachi demanding Qadri be freed? CIA/RAW/MOSSAD TTP/LET/JEM/LEJ/ISI ZINDABAD, ZINDABAD.

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