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Tuesday, March 05, 2013
From Print Edition

This is with reference to Zafar Hilaly’s article ‘Our founders and guardians’ (February 26) and Ghani Khan Khatak’s letter on that article (February 28). The Quaid was seriously ill at the time of Partition, yet he worked hard till his dying breath. It was the clique led by Ghulam Mohammad that had virtually taken over power after Liaquat Ali Khan’s mysterious assassination. Thereafter, intrigues and conspiracies abounded. Huseyn Shaheed Suharwardy, a popular leader from East Pakistan, was mercilessly hounded by the same group.

Hilaly made some very harsh remarks against Suharwardy who rose to political heights through his genius and by means of a political process. His rise to power was not an outcome of intrigues and conspiracies; neither was he supported by military dictators. He had a brilliant academic career, was a leading lawyer of the country and a highly respectable political figure. His contributions towards the creation of Pakistan are many. He may have some weaknesses but then who doesn’t? The few weaknesses he may have can’t overshadow his strong points and tremendous services to this country.

Dr Mahmud Ahmad Akhtar