Tuesday December 06, 2022

Hoping against hope

October 05, 2022

This refers to the letter titled ‘No way out’ (October 4, 2022) by Shaista Anwar Kirmani, which was written in reply to a previous letter of mine titled ‘Rotten leaders’ (October 3, 2022). The letter raises a valid point. With known criminals getting acquitted, the suggestion to oust corrupt leadership through legal means may seem overly optimistic. Apparently, a quicker way could be to try to do so through the Imran Khan-led PTI tsunami. However, considering the governing pattern, mindset and performance record of the PTI leadership, this remedy is sure to leave us in a far worse condition than before.

So, the only prudent course is to keep striving for the ouster of the corrupt and inept leadership through legal means. Meanwhile, the divided nation will continue paying a penalty for its passivity, prejudices, lack of direction and other failings until the saner elements among us mend their ways. While realizing that hope is not a strategy, being an optimist, I nevertheless keep hope alive. I am counting on the fact that there must be a limit to how much even our people are willing to take.

SRH Hashmi