Saturday December 09, 2023

Victim of bias

September 29, 2022

This refers to the news story ‘Darnomics’ (September 28, 2022) by Mansoor Ahmad. The incumbent government, including the prime minister, had affirmed on more than one occasion that the country has been saved from default. If this is so, though the issue is debatable, then the credit must go to Miftah Ismail. He took difficult decisions and carried out tough negotiations with the IMF to restore the programme. He was the one who received the flak for some unpopular measures, including from within his own party. His abrupt and unceremonious exit at this juncture, when international commodity prices are softening, is unfortunate.

Miftah Ismail paid the price for not belonging to the Sharif clan and not being from Punjab; thus he could not be trusted like Dar. The manner in which Miftah Ismail, being a highly educated and capable minister, has been booted out is disgraceful.

Huma Arif