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Arts Council celebrates Asad Muhammad Khan’s 90th birthday

By News Desk
September 29, 2022

The Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi (ACP) on Monday night organised the 90th birthday celebration of renowned fiction writer, dramatist, and poet Asad Muhammad Khan at the Hasina Moin Hall.

The event was graced by poet Zehra Nigah and critic Mubin Mirza along with ACP functionaries, including president Muhammad Ahmed Shah, Iqbal Latif and Shahid Rassam. Poet Iftikhar Arif participated in the ceremony online from Islamabad. He thanked the Arts Council and Shah for organising an event to honour Khan, who is considered one of the finest living fiction writers of Urdu.

Fondly calling the honouree Asad Bhai, Arif said he met him when he had joined the Radio Pakistan.

He remembered Khan’s melodious voice at the Radio Pakistan and said that it was through his poetic works he was first introduced to him. Affirming the impression that Khan stayed away from limelight, Arif said the fiction writer and poet had never said anything that could be construed as a description of his greatness. The speaker said that good poems and writings themselves proved their worth without the need for their writing bragging of them. Arif also praised plays written by Khan.

Honouring Khan, Zehra said she could not say that she knew him. She added that when she read a short story penned by him, she was quite impressed by his craft and decided that she should read more works authored by him.

Zehra, who is a remarkable poet in her own right, also praised songs composed by Khan. The ACP president said celebrating Khan’s birthday was a happy day for the council as it was honouring someone who had written immortal stories, novels, dramas and songs.

Calling Khan a treasure, Shah said he wished that the ACP celebrate his 100th birthday with him after 10 years. Latif, a former producer for the Pakistan Television said his relationship with Khan was established in 1980 when he produced a play ‘Safar’ penned by Khan. He added that the credit of bringing Umer Sharif to the television screen also went to Khan.

Khan expressed his gratefulness to the ACP for organising his birthday. He said the ACP president had been kind to him and the council had earlier honoured him with a Lifetime Achievement Award. A musical performance was also given at the ceremony, in which singer Shahzeb sang Khan’s songs. The event was moderated by Shakeel Khan.