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USC jacks up prices of commodities

By News Desk
September 18, 2022
USC jacks up prices of commodities
USC jacks up prices of commodities

KARACHI: The Utility Stores Corporation (USC) on Saturday jacked up the prices of different commodities being sold at the utility stores.

According to a notification issued by the USC, the price of 1kg cloth washing powder was increased to Rs75, while the diapers prices were raised to Rs348. The price of the small-sized packet of diaper was increased from Rs1,352 to Rs1,700.

In addition, the price of 100g toothpaste was raised by Rs10 from Rs133 to Rs143, while the price of 200ml bodywash been raised by Rs30. The price of 275g dish washing soap was raised by Rs50 from Rs90 to Rs140.

The notification said the price of tissue paper packet has also been increased by Rs11, while the price of 800ml insect killer spray was raised by Rs300 from Rs490 to Rs790.

Besides, the price of 300g honey jar was increased by Rs60, 45g packet of green tea by Rs20, 200g macaroni by Rs11, 66g noodles by Rs5, while the prices of pickles, biscuits of different brands and jelly were also increased.