Saturday December 09, 2023

Vibrant experience of young lover

August 23, 2022

Sameera Saeed’s poetry collection ‘Gumshuda Mohabbat’ is agonisingly emotive poetry written by the one whose heart is bleeding. It is a mesmerizing glimpse into the vibrant experience of a young lover.

Divided into two parts, Sameera skilfully pilots us through her highs and lows with love, drawing attention to the painful fact that it is not always sunshine and rainbows concerning matters of the heart.

She reveals her distressing experience on the topic of heartbreak, divorce, and domestic violence. I believe that this collection may be hard for some readers to go through. It is never easy to cast light on love’s bruised walls, but Sameera does so with undeterred refinement.

What I find attractive is that her warm poems paint a picture of a bed of roses, and at times, her penetrating verses magnify the thorns that poke holes in a reader’s heart.I could not help but feel Sameers’s anguish while absorbing her haunting words. For example, in one of her poems, she narrates a passionately touching incident where the man she loves is thoughtlessly hurting her.

Her honest verses, yet vague at the same time can be read plainly and symbolically. She digs into cumbersome themes and troubling events, each verse comes from a bruised heart.Sameera masterfully uses her gloomy past to empower others, especially those who have borne domestic abuse. Redeeming and inspirational, her poems are really curing.

There is nothing more inspiring than transforming pain into strength needed to heal and overcome misfortune. It is the main reason, why I feel this poetry collection deserves praise.Her poetry is about love, loss, and healing. Here are verses dedicated to the women who get love, but briefly. The numerous themes speak of evolution, heartache, and self-discovery through various trials and disappointments faced in life.

Reading her poems about love, loss, and healing put me in a pensive and longing mood. Her poetry burrowed deeply into my heart and evoked bittersweet feelings as I went through the different verses. She adds a distinctly personal touch to every written verse.

The real sadness I felt as I read her poems on deception in love. These poems crushed my heart, and brought tears to my eyes. The poet’s transition from one feeling to another is smooth and skilful, and the despondency gives way to irritation and then inescapability.

The tales woven through the poems are heart-wrenching but there is a ray of hope. Human emotions are feverish and brittle like glass and putting yourself back together can often cause more hurt. Nonetheless, a lover can learn more about herself and become stronger through experiences.This collection of poetry has a realistic air and a wistful ambiance. It permitted me to experience the pleasure and sting of love and loss. Outstanding!