Saturday October 01, 2022

Documentaries on I-Day launched

August 14, 2022

Islamabad : Four in a series of seven mini-documentaries were released this week on Chinese social media platforms by the Pakistani embassy in China to celebrate the diamond jubilee of Pakistan’s independence.

About two minutes each in duration, the videos explore the rich repertoire of Pakistani foods, handicrafts, festivals and architecture, juxtaposing artistic cooking and hand-making processes with a presentation of culinary delights and hand-made rarities, ranging from basmati rice to carpets and markhor-themed sculptures.

Launched on the three popular platforms of Kuaishou, Douyin and Weibo in China, the three clips have grabbed favourable comments and responses from Chinese netizens, China Economic Net (CEN) reported on Saturday.

“The delicacies make my mouth water! I’d like to visit our brotherly Pakistan when the pandemic ends,” read one comment. “Where can we get those handicrafts? Please share a link for purchase,” said an audience.

Another three clips will also be released to equip the Chinese audience with a better understanding of Pakistan, as per an online statement issued by the embassy.

Over the years, the Pakistani embassy has organised a wide range of activities to enhance people-to-people bonds between Pakistan and China.