Saturday August 20, 2022

Condolence reference pays tribute to Masood Khawaja

July 03, 2022

Rawalpindi : A condolence reference was organised in the memory of renowned TV and theatre artist Masood Khawaja at the Punjab Arts Council (PAC) on Saturday.

Director Arts Council Waqar Ahmed presided over the reference while Naheed Manzoor graced the event as chief guest. Speaking on the occasion, Naheed Manzoor said that during his 30-year career, Masood Khawaja had acted in hundreds of TV and theatre dramas. "He had a very fine sense of humour, making him popular in Pakistan and internationally.

"She added that Masood introduced the stand-up comedy in Pakistan, which had become the identity of many artists today. Naheed further said that Masood Khawaja was not just a mentor but an academy for artists. "He always welcomed new artists and helped them understand the basics of acting.” The sudden demise of Masood Khawaja has created a vacuum in comic circles of Pakistan, she added.