Friday August 19, 2022

PTI senator criticises govt over hike in prices

June 26, 2022

MARDAN: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Senator Zeeshan Khanzada said on Saturday that the imported government had deprived people of their right to live by increasing the prices of petroleum products.

Speaking to media persons, Zeeshan Khanzada said that the incumbent government had been an imposed one.

“While they used to criticize inflation, the prices have increased further under their own government now and even mini-budgets are being presented,” he added.

He added that the incompetent government had started a series of never ending taxes on small and big industries, due to which the textile industry has been shut down and thousands of people associated with chemical fertilisers have reportedly lost their jobs.

He argued that exports have also come to an end and now investors are considering shifting their businesses to Bangladesh and China. He added that billions of rupees have been added in foreign loans.

He added that even the IMF does not trust the imported government. “If the current situation continues in the country, a civil war will break out in the country for food. He argued that buying pulses and rice is now out of the reach of underprivileged people.

He said that purchasing cheap oil from Russia can bring some relief to people, but added that the government does not have the courage to do so.

He argued that despite all the problems, Imran Khan gave a mega project like health cards to poor people and gave tourism the status of industry, which gave jobs to thousands of people.

He added that Imran Khan had provided relief and incentives to the textile industry, which not only reduced unemployment but also increased exports.

He alleged that profits of Sharif brothers and Miftah Ismail’s Candyland Foods company were increasing. He said the government should immediately withdraw the super tax imposed on big industries and instead of imposing more taxes, it should provide facilities to investors and industrialists so that unemployment could be eliminated.