Monday June 27, 2022

Message for society through artwork

June 22, 2022

Islamabad : They say that whenever women work, they work for a cause—Saadia, Amna, and Tulin appeared to do just that with their pieces of art that went on display in Islamabad. Each art piece at the exhibition titled 'Teen Taal' had a message for society.

Saadia Shariff, through her photographic exhibition ‘Wander Wonder’, captured the ever-changing images of nature. “Nature is never static or restrictive. It keeps changing. If you looks at the clouds or dunes, they keep changing their shape all the time,” she said while explaining her photographs ‘Yellow Lyrics’ and ‘Rest in Sand’.

She said that humans have the nature of resisting change. “We keep following the routine and prefer doing the same thing again and again. We become boring. Contained in our body, mind and experiences. The sameness of routine, of familiar conversation. These images made me understand that life is in the moment. That nature flows and shapes keep changing.”

Saadia said that she found relief in the flow of water, the gliding clouds, the sensuous sand, and its weaving forms and its formlessness. Talking about her photograph ‘Walk the Way’ showing foot images on the sand, she said these images disappear with every new wave and would be followed by a new image. “All of us need to come out of our fears and walk with the flow. As Rumi said ‘when you walk the way, the way appears,” said Saadia.

Tulin Khalid Azim’s stationery was also designed around motivational quotes about life. “Write your own Story,” “Today is a Gift,” and “Something wonderful is about to Happen” were the few quotes that adorned her journals, cards, and even the wrapping papers. “The purpose is to give a message of hope, happiness, and positivity to those who use my products.”

Tulin is designing stationary for a long time but she designed some of her most famous products during COVID days – including the Wellness Journal. “Majority of people, including myself, suffered mental health issues during those days. Writing about your routine and thoughts gives you much-needed ease. The Wellness Journal is all about providing that ease to an individual,” she said while talking to The News. She said that she first experimented with the journal herself for six months.

Amna Shariff’s elegant and exclusive silver jewellery presented an extraordinary combination of modern and traditional designs. “These designs reflect my personality that is the same combination,” said Amna who received education on jewellery making from the UK and then kept expanding her work utilising, organizing and empowering the local craftsmen. She draws her inspiration from material and technique.