Saturday July 02, 2022

Lady luck smiles on Balochistan’s fishermen

By News Desk
May 28, 2022

KARACHI: A group of fishermen made a fortune on Friday when they caught a rare species of croaker fish (Sowa) from the Gwadar coast and sold it for a huge sum of Rs13.4 million. A research associate of World Wildlife Department Sudheer Baloch said that the fish was caught in the area of Jewani and its meat was sold at Rs280,000 per kilogram.

The croaker was sold at the highest-ever price, senior journalist based in Gwadar Behram Baloch told BBC, adding that a team of fishermen had caught a couple of croakers a few days ago but they were sold at only Rs0.8 million due to their smaller size.

Assistant Director Environment Gwadar Development Authority Abdul Raheem Baloch said some fish species are expensive due to their tasty meat but as far as croaker is concerned, the case is different because the bladder of croaker is used in surgeries of various human body’s organs, particularly heart, as the stitching thread is made of it. The thread is absorbed in the human body like a jelly, said Baloch.

Senior Officer Fisheries at Gwadar Ahmed Nadeem told the British media outlet that the soup made of bladder is consumed in China, Europe and other areas. "It is considered a delicacy," said Nadeem, adding that the calcium rich swim bladder is also beneficial for backbone.