Saturday July 02, 2022

Fresh module to facilitate price control magistrates

By Our Correspondent
May 24, 2022

LAHORE:The prosecution department would develop a fresh training module, including the provisions of Punjab Prevention of Hoarding Act 2020 and a booklet would be published for the facilitation of price control magistrates.

This was decided in a meeting held under the chairmanship of Secretary of a private company and SD department to discuss the performance of price control activities by magistrates and assess the need of improvement / training of price control magistrates for better service delivery. It was also decided that “Qeemat App Punjab” would be upgraded enabling to play a pivotal role in price control activities.

The meeting decided to issue necessary directions to police department for provision of support to price control magistrates. All price control magistrates should keep a close liaison with officers of prosecution wing to overcome legal issues. The meeting also decided to launch a campaign for awareness of the general public with regard to available price control system, Qeemat App and redress of complaints.

Addressing the meeting, Secretary Industries said that district administration and price control magistrates are performing their duties with devotion; however, there is always room for improvement. He directed the participants to give their suggestion regarding earlier training input on issues being faced during performance of duties, need of any training and other proposals for improvement of service delivery with regard to price control.

Director General Prosecution briefed the participants about training module prepared by prosecution department and other measures to avoid unnecessary legal issues faced by field team. He highlighted the importance of subject and asked the participants to enforce the provisions of law effectively in field. He said that provisions of law enforced intelligently by magistrates with regard to magnitude of offence with a view to create a market impact. He explained about the sentencing policy being implemented by developed countries to give sentence with regard to magnitude of offence. He urged upon the participants to focus on summary trials for better impact of enforcement regime. He pointed out the issues of non-provision of rate list timely by contractor of market committee affecting with price control in field.

Price Control Magistrates informed that they benefitted a lot from last training imparted and it helped them to improve their working in field. They stated that they were performing price control duties in addition to their offices pointing out the need of full time magistrates for effective control. They highlighted the issues of non-cooperation by police department affecting the price control activity. DG Industries, additional director livestock, secretary market committee Lahore, officers of prosecution department and other departments concerned attended the meeting.